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God loves Valerie…and all the others

Our yearly medical team arrived last week. We went to the remote village of Gros Marin and set up a true rural clinic with no building, or church, or other facility. We treated patients daily with chickens running around our feet and kids running and playing, and my dog Lucy perched up on her throne as the queen of the […]

Hope’s power

I recently returned from a 10 day trip to Haiti. I got to spend the last of 2015 and bring in the new year while I was there. This is something I have always wished to do, but just never had the opportunity. I have always heard about how great New Years Day is in Haiti. It is not only […]

Seeing through God’s eyes

It’s been only a few days since I’ve been back in the states and I’m already wishing I could be back in Haiti! There seems to be a breeze of fresh air in this small island nation that tugs and pulls at my spirit constantly. I spent three awesome weeks this time! To sum it up briefly, Week 1 we […]

Kings and Queens

We returned to New Hope Children’s Home last week to visit with the kids. It seems like each time we visit, we have other things going on and we don’t get to spend a lot of time with the kids. We decided this week that we would be devoted fully to the children. We took costumes with all the accessories […]


Have you ever had that day that nothing seems to go right? You know…that day that you think you would have been better off just staying in bed. I want to tell you about a day I had like that last week… Robbin, Jenny, and I fly into Port au Prince and just like any other time we are full […]

Who Is Our Provider?

Several months ago I made a commitment to a man in Haiti that we would raise the funds to buy a truck for the 19 children at New Hope Children’s Home so they could go to school in the fall. It is a long walk for them and they are small children so they have not been attending school due […]

Thank you!

We appreciate so much your support and belief in the work we are doing. The leadership of Ann Ale returned last month from a trip to Port de Paix, Haiti where we visited the children of New Hope Children’s Home to check on their wellbeing and to ensure that the money that is being entrusted to us by you is […]

Seize the moment

While visiting a hospital in Haiti, we met a boy who was playing with his friend and running around like any average day when his friend ran into large pot of boiling water and it fell on him. He was burned very bad. It was horrifying to see the burns on this child. For moments all we could do was […]