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Thank you!

We appreciate so much your support and belief in the work we are doing. The leadership IMG_0251of Ann Ale returned last month from a trip to Port de Paix, Haiti where we visited the children of New Hope Children’s Home to check on their wellbeing and to ensure that the money that is being entrusted to us by you is being spent honorably. We are proud to report to you that the children are healthy and happy. We played games, laughed, and had a great time. We personally toured the home to get a good idea of the conditions that they live in and was pleasantly surprised. We were present for their lunchtime meal and watched them pray over it and eat to their fill. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have finished the amount of food they were given. They are currently being schooled in the home due to lack of transportation to the local schools. We were excited to find this out. It was encouraging to know that rather than do nothing, they were making the best of the situation and getting the children the best education that they could under the circumstances.

The lease on their current home is up in April. We toured another potential location for the home. We were very impressed with it. It is twice the size, with an area for the children to play outside, it is 25% cheaper than their current home, and gets them closer to public schools. This home rents for $4500 per year. We decided that it would be in our best interests to pursue this home for the children. We are going to begin saving for this endeavor immediately and hopefully by the time the current lease is up we can secure the new home.

We accomplished a few other things on this trip as well. We were able to tour the local hospital and a nursing school. We spoke with their administrators about opportunities to serve. We also found a home to rent for ourselves that can house any mission teams or visitors to the children. Plans are being made for a group trip to take place later in the year. More information will be coming soon about areas to serve other than New Hope Children’s Home. Please like us on facebook and visit our website at annalemissions.org to keep up with our work and see pictures and videos that will better show what has been discussed in this letter.

Thank you again for your generosity in 2013 and I look forward to working together in 2014 to spread the love of God to the world.