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Our Mission

Quoting Pastor David Platt in his New York Times Bestseller book Radical: “If we have been commanded to make disciples of all nations, and if poverty is rampant in the world to which God has called me, then I cannot ignore these realities. Anyone wanting to proclaim the glory of Christ to the ends of the earth must consider not only how to declare the gospel verbally but also how to demonstrate the gospel visibly in a world where so many are urgently hungry. If I am going to address urgent spiritual need by sharing the gospel of Christ or building up the body of Christ around the world, then I cannot overlook dire physical need in the process.

Frighteningly, though, I have turned a blind eye to these realities. I have practically ignored these people, and I have been successful in my ignorance because they are not only poor but also powerless. Literally millions of them are dying in obscurity, and I have enjoyed my affluence while pretending they don’t exist. But they do exist. Not only do they exist, but God takes very seriously how I respond to them.”

Like Mr. Platt, we at Ann Ale Missions have turned a blind eye to the downtrodden of this world for far too long. Our mission is to no longer be blind. We choose to no longer ignore the realities of daily life that so many people endure. We believe that life is not to be endured, but rather enjoyed and cherished.