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About Us


“Who is Ann and what does she have to do with missions?” is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the name of our organization. Ann Ale is not a person’s name, but rather a Haitian Creole phrase that translates in English to mean Let’s Go. “Let’s Go” is what Ann Ale Missions is all about. To be successful in every area of life, we believe action is required. Sharing God’s love is no different. The central goal of Ann Ale Missions is simply to give ordinary people an opportunity to do extraordinary things for their fellow man in the name of a loving God.

We believe all people are loved by God, and it is not His desire for people to suffer physical, emotional, or spiritual lack. We have encountered numerous people throughout the years who have had a genuine desire to help others but didn’t have an avenue to do so. Ann Ale was created for those people. We are going to connect those with a heart to help to those who have never known hope.

We believe that no one’s quality of life should be based solely on their birth location. Opportunity is a luxury not afforded to everyone. This is a hard truth to take in, but once you do, you have a simple choice: act or ignore. At Ann Ale, we choose to act.

Do we believe we can eradicate poverty and oppression throughout the world? No. Do we believe we can bring God’s love into the lives of a few, train them to do the same, and in time, bring effective change into a community? Yes.

You will get more information on how we intend to achieve this as you browse the rest of our website. You have a choice to act or ignore. Join us, pray for us, support us financially, but whatever you do, please “Ann Ale.”