During an evangelistic crusade in Gros Marin, several community members asked for us to bring them bibles. Although the average American has multiple copies of different versions of The Bible in our homes, for a Haitian this is a rarity. There are not a lot of Creole bibles printed and they are very expensive if you can find them. We brought over 400 bibles and dispersed them throughout the community and to the surrounding community. After a period of time, we learned that due to the illiteracy rate, many of the adults could not read and it was the children in school that were reading the bibles to the family. The only church in the area is a Catholic church. People have to walk over two hours to get to the nearest gospel church. We asked ourselves two questions: How can you know God if you can not hear His word? And how can you know God if you can not read His word? These two questions are what has driven us to start a church in this community. We built an outdoor pavilion with benches and a floor. This is as far as our funds have allowed us to go. We are currently in search of a pastor. Please pray that we will find a pastor and the additional funds will come for us to finish the church.