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adult education

During a visit to the village a few years ago, many people requested bibles. We brought hundreds of bibles and distributed them. We gave bibles to all of our sponsored children’s families in our program. We gave bibles to people on the street. We handed out bibles to everyone in the village, only to realize that the village has a 75 percent illiteracy rate. We learned that the kids that we sponsor were the ones reading the bible to their parents. Our sponsored children’s parents never had the opportunity to go to school like their children and most do not even know how to write their own names. This stirred us up on the inside because not only is there no church around for miles for them to hear The Word of God, they can’t even read The Word of God. We decided we needed to start a program for adults who never attended school to teach them to read and write. Pictured here is our first group of ladies learning vowels.