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Wyoming Land Surveyor License Requirements

This license summary is provided by the Wyoming State Board of Engineering Examiners. You may need to contact them directly if you have any questions about your specific situation. If it is determined that your educational credentials do not meet NCEES standards, the IRC will provide you with a list of requirements to meet equivalency. Applicants are encouraged to take additional courses in a timely manner. After passing the written exam, you must pay $50 and provide proof of graduation from an accredited college or university. Once you have completed both steps, you can apply for your license. If you pass the exam, you will receive a license within 30 days. Land surveyors are required to develop 30 continuing professional skills every two years. These skills help them keep pace with technological changes and surveying best practices. To obtain a Professional Land Surveyor`s (PLS) licence, you must pass two exams. First, you must pass the NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying exam.

More facts and ideas about getting your license In Wyoming, licensing is a two-step process. First, you need to get an internal certificate, and then you need to take the PLS exam before getting your license. To obtain the practicum certificate, you must complete at least 30 hours of study credit and pass a written examination. You can also take the practical part of the exam if you wish. A professional land surveyor is a person who has completed an accredited program of study in surveying and passed a licensing examination. The first steps to becoming a land surveyor are a bachelor`s degree in surveying, followed by an internship with a licensed professional surveying company. At least 2 years of combined office and field experience must be acquired before you can apply for a license. Steven Barrett, Ph.D.P.E. is a licensed professional engineer in Wyoming and Colorado. He has been a member of WYOPEPLS since 2016.

He received a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1979, an M.E.E.E. from the University of Idaho in Moscow in 1986, and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993. The University of Wyoming`s Cadastral Land Surveying Program (LSP) is a certificate program for practicing professionals. It is 100% online to serve people who are looking for or looking for a license. LSP does not award a diploma and is not accredited by ABET at UW. If you are pursuing a bachelor`s degree, you can add a minor in surveying, which will be awarded at the same time as one of UW`s ABET accredited engineering degrees. The professional license is in three stages: education, experience and examination. UW cannot guarantee approval or certification in any state because each jurisdiction has its own laws and regulations regarding employment.

To be admitted, students completing the LSP at UW must apply to the National Board of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) to take the proficiency exams. These include the Fundamentals of Surveying exam and the Principals and Practice of Surveying exam and the payment of the associated audit fee. The NCEES organization does not issue licenses, but communicates the results to the state or jurisdiction in which you are applying for the practice. Students who qualify for a Surveying Internship (SI), also known as a Trainee Surveyor`s Certificate, and pass the appropriate NCEES exams must also meet the jurisdiction`s experience requirements before applying for a license from each state agency to work as a professional surveyor. Currently, many jurisdictions have additional Crown-specific audit to account for the particular complexity of concentration for survey within their borders. If you have any questions about the surveying program and certification, please contact Shelley Macy, MOU at shafner@uwyo.edu UW LSP Director or Erika Helgeson, Compliance and Examination Specialist, at ehelgeso@uwyo.edu or 307-766-3423. Please select from the list of U.S. states, territories or districts below to see if our program meets, can, does not meet, or is not sure that it meets the requirements for a student to earn a bachelor`s degree and practice in the following areas. o Engineering design courses should focus on goal and criteria setting, synthesis, analysis, design, testing and evaluation. University-level engineering courses may be included to meet curriculum requirements in the field. This application is intended for individuals who hold a Wyoming professional license and whose license has expired for more than two (2) years.

This person cannot renew this licence and must obtain a new licence in accordance with the requirements of the Commission`s law for obtaining an original licence (Wyo.