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What Car Does Elle Woods Drive in Legally Blonde 1

That`s exactly what happens in Reese Witherspoon`s Legally Blonde. Her character She enrolls in Harvard Law School to return to her ex, and initially stands out as a sore thumb (not just because of the all-pink outfit). 8. Rolls-Royce, Thunderbirds (1965-1966) The FAB1, Lady Penelope`s modified six-wheeled Rolls Royce, is an icon in itself. It`s on our list, because what could be more girly than a pink Rolls Royce? The judges don`t know how much Lady Penelope actually drove (why would a girl drive if she had a driver), but the FAB1 is still an iconic link between a girl and her engine. 4. Ferrari F355, Goldeneye (1995) It would be unusual to see a list of cars in movies anywhere without a car from a James Bond movie. Fortunately, a Bond girl managed to get behind the wheel of an exotic engine in Goldeneye. Bond in an Aston Martin DB5 takes on the villainous Xenia Onotopp in a classic red Ferrari on a winding mountain road in southern France. Onotopp narrowly avoided obstacles such as a hay cart and a group of cyclists, manoeuvred Bond and drove away. 1. Smart fortwo, The Da Vinci Code (2006) A breathtaking chase through the streets of Paris is the perfect way to show off the Smart`s agility. Audrey Tauteu`s Smart effortlessly roams the streets of Paris, followed by French police and a nervous-looking Tom Hanks in the passenger seat.

She maneuvers the car in unusually tight spaces, sweeps it on a sidewalk at high speed and manages to give the slip to the police, but with the loss of an exterior mirror. Overall, this is proof that the little Smart is the perfect getaway car. 3. Porsche Boxster, Legally Blonde (2000) Attorney Elle Woods drives a Porsche Boxster in this film. She doesn`t engage in illegal chases in this car like some of the ladies on our list, but a U-turn on the way to the nail salon leads to an accident with three cars. When the sequel to this film was released in 2003, she had abandoned the Porsche for an Audi TT. Tell me more, tell me more, how does he get a car? Well, and it`s an absolute classic. After playing the driver of a star-studded cast that includes Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey, the main character Miles is entitled to the perfect ending.

When released from prison, Miles, known as Baby in the criminal world, finds his lover Debora (Lily James) in front of a convertible Chevrolet Impala. “At the time, [Reese] was in England filming The Importance of Being Earnest,” McCullah says. “She had cut her hair because it had been damaged by all the hot rollers, so they put her in a wig. Fans will first notice the change in the scene where Elle throws Warner outside the courtroom — suddenly she has freckles and her hair looks almost redder than blonde. However, this scene was at both ends. No matter what happened, Elle needed a degree from Warner. “That was the most important part for me, and when we decided to revise the ending, I thought, `She still has to be able to reject Warner,`” McCullah says. In this Marvel movie, the A8 plays a special role as Tom Holland`s Happy Hogan car drives Peter Parker. If you look closely, you`ll see Happy temporarily remove his hands from the steering wheel so that the Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot can step in and take over the driving.

In addition, the A8 also made an appearance at the film`s Los Angeles premiere. A classic romantic comedy about two complete opposites who fall in love against all odds. Pretty Woman depicts an important scene where Roberts and Gere`s characters meet in the Lotus when she teaches him how to drive it, even though it`s her friends` car. When I give people examples of the Mandela effect, I always use a car that changes color as an example because that would be an obvious change. A few weeks ago, I saw a very pink jeep and took a picture because I have never seen such a pink car in my life. This weekend, I heard about this legally blond self. So strange. I`ve seen the movie once and I have no clear memory of the color of their car, but I agree that it could be an ME, given that Porsche came pink the year the movie was shot. The R8 Spyder is the car of the main character Christian Grey.

The car itself was mentioned in the book on which the film is based. His appearance is also the first time Audi has appeared in an erotic film. According to Motor1.com, Audi`s head of product placement, Tim Miksche, also said in a press release: “We provide one or more cars for the actual filming and provide logistical and technical support to the film crew if necessary.” In addition to the RSQ, you can also check out other cars Smith drove on and off the set.