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Uva Law Admissions Email

In September 2022, Blazer launched the “Eligible” podcast. Through interviews with students, faculty, alumni and staff, “Eligible” offers insight into law school admissions and life at a top law school. We offer a binding expedited decision-making process for applicants who are convinced that UVA is their first choice. Expedited Binding Decision Applicants will receive their decision within 21 business days of the date we receive all required elements of the application and the file will be marked as complete. At this stage, the applicant may be admitted, rejected or included in the regular decision reserve. Please note that applicants cannot amend an application for a regular ruling after being subject to an application for an expedited and enforceable decision. Candidates are therefore encouraged to think carefully about this choice. If an applicant is admitted under the expedited enforcement decision-making option, they agree to enrol in AVC law next fall semester, withdraw existing applications from other law schools, regardless of status, and not submit new applications after admission. Applicants who do not comply with this agreement may face consequences for misconduct in the admissions process. Since LSAC provides CAS, any LSAT scores you have achieved in the past five years will be reported to Law School.

Cancellations will also be noted. If you choose to submit scores to the GRE and/or GMAT General Test instead of or in addition to an LSAT score, you must submit all scores you have obtained on this test within the last five years. The Admissions Committee may review all submitted scores. J.D. Admissions / admissions@law.virginia.edu / (434) 924-7351Financial Aid / financialaid@law.virginia.edu / (434) 924-7805Graduate Studies / graduatestudies@law.virginia.edu / (434) 924-3154 Financial need plays no role in the admission decision. If you are applying for some form of grant or need-based loan assistance, including unsubsidized student loans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and identify the University of Virginia as the recipient of your needs analysis report. For more information, see www.law.virginia.edu/financialaid. While Virginia Law does not depend on the Commonwealth for its budget, we also consider Virginia residents during the admissions process. If your request already contains at least one standardized test result, but you would like us to accept your request, please send your request to admissions@law.virginia.edu.

Be sure to include your full name and LSAC number in the email. Please note, however, that the Admissions Committee may review any application once it is complete. Candidates serving in an established public service such as Teach for America, Peace Corps, Americorps/VISTA, CityYear, a Truman Scholarship, or Military Service may be exempt from the application fee. If you have received an exemption from LSAC`s LSAT or CASS fees, you are entitled to exemptions from the AVC Act. We are also pleased to waive registration fees for candidates for whom fees represent financial hardship. Email us at admissions@law.virginia.edu to obtain waivers. Late applications will be accepted and reviewed, but applicants will not be assured of an admission decision on a specific date or time. Please note that submissions received after March 1 generally have a low probability of a positive outcome due to our ongoing intake process and competitive application pool. The admissions team will endeavour to inform applicants of their admission decision within a reasonable period of time. Disclosure of decisions is subject to many factors, and delays in decisions do not necessarily have a negative impact on the applicant. Head of Admissions Natalie Blazer is guiding applicants through the world of law school admissions with a new podcast on AVU law. Learn more about “eligible” applicants admitted under the “Expedited Binding Decision” option are eligible for financial support based on merit and need, as are applicants admitted under the Regular Decision.

Please note that most applicants admitted to the UVA Act receive their admission decision well in advance of receiving information about financial aid. Therefore, the expedited enforcement option is only best suited for individuals who are sure that UVA is their first choice and who are also willing to begin law school at UVA in August 2023, regardless of their financial support payments. Natalie Rajkovic Blazer is Associate Dean of Admissions and Director of Admissions at the University of Virginia School of Law. Prior to joining the Office of Admissions, she was Director of JD Admissions at Georgetown University Law Center and previously Associate Director of Admissions and Strategic Initiatives at Columbia Law School. For the most part, the law courses offered at the undergraduate level are less analytical and less comprehensive than those you will encounter in law school, and while they may familiarize you with important cases or doctrine development, they will not be a significant advantage to law school. Most admissions committee members would prefer that a candidate`s college courses provide a basic understanding of history, economics, politics, science, and culture that provides the context for a fuller understanding of the law and how it works in our society. Selected candidates will be invited to an interview with a member of our admissions committee. All interviews are initiated by employees of the Admissions Office; Candidates cannot request a virtual or in-person interview. We do not offer individual admission advice.

Applicants are always required to inform the admissions office of any changes or new incidents.