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5 Serving Rules in Badminton

In badminton, singles and doubles follow a different service model and there are a few rules that differ between them. However, I have established a set of general rules to follow in singles and doubles. By far the most complicated rules of badminton come from the rules of service. If you`re new to badminton, you may be wondering how to start a game or point. And even if you`ve been playing badminton for a while, you may have encountered an obscure situation that you`re not sure about. In this article, we are here to answer all your service questions. If you still have questions or have encountered an obscure situation, leave a comment below to let us know. Note that the badminton court has a line in the middle that extends from the back to near the net. This is the midline. At the front of the square, the center line is hit by another line; This is the front service line.

These two lines form a T-shape in which they meet. If you are a beginner who has just started badminton, be sure to do this post and also what is badminton? A beginner`s guide for beginners. No, you cannot serve above your heads in badminton. According to BWF guidelines, the tree and the club head should point downwards. In the 3rd game of badminton, players/teams change as soon as the first player/team has reached 11 points. The player who serves after changing the ends is the player who would have served if there had been no change in the ends. Similarly, the recipient must be the same. Essentially, the service and reception continues as if the players are not changing.

In doubles, players get only one serve per side and the serve moves to the next pair as soon as one side loses a point. The double service court is called the short and wide service court. When a player serves, the back box of the place of service is outside, but the wide beef is inside. The service rules remain the same, and the player must follow the same rules in order not to be objected. There is no difference between doubling and serving in duplicate. The gas station starts with the short service line and the double central line. The petrol station stops at the outermost side line and extends to the first long service line. Serving is how you start the rally: someone must first meet the shuttle! To prevent the server from gaining an overwhelming advantage, there are special restrictions on the service that do not apply during the rest of the rally. To learn more about the different shots and techniques of badminton, read the other articles on this site. You can start by learning how to perfectly return different types of services.

For the rest of this article, we will contact the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for the official rules. You can find their official document here. There are many badminton service rules, and you can master this game if you know the right rules. But it will be very confusing if you are just starting out. In this article, you will learn more about the rules of the badminton service in detail. The double service rules in badminton are a bit more complicated in the laws of the BWF. In the Badminton Service Regulations, there are 18 points under section 9 that describe the rules of service. These points define the rules for the correct service, and the server loses a point if it violates any of these rules.

The main rule here is that when you hit the shuttle, it should be under your size. To be precise, the rules define this as a height level with the lowest part of your chest. In other words, you can serve from a little higher than the top of your shorts, but not much. A new experimental service rule in badminton, which came into effect on 1 March 2018, will be implemented at the All England Championship in Birmingham from 14 to 18 March. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) announced a series of proposed rule changes for the game last November, covering areas such as service, training and the points system. Especially the service rule didn`t work well with some players. Players start a game by serving on the right side of the court in badminton. You always serve on the right side of the course if you have an even number of points, and always on the left side of the course if you have an odd number of points. Since the score at the beginning of a game is 0 – 0, you have an even number of points and therefore serve on the right side of the badminton court. This applies to both singles and doubles. The waiter can hit the feathers of badminton, but the base of the steering wheel must be hit first. There is no clause in the BWF rules that states that feathers cannot be beaten during service.

A referee will be called to interrupt the match. The rally is stopped and repeated without changing the score or service positions. There are different cases in which a service rental can take place. When a let occurs, the last service does not count and the player serving must reopen. No, in badminton you can`t serve on top. They must serve slyly, as BWF states, “The tree and club head of the server`s racket at the time of impact on the shuttle will point in a downward direction.” Service or service is a crucial part of a badminton player`s practice. Here`s how it works. In doubles, any player can hit the shuttle; You don`t need to take it alternately. The only exceptions are the first two shots of the rally; I will explain this to you when we talk about serving.

Some of you may be familiar with badminton on the beach or in the garden. It`s fine if you play it as a casual game, but it doesn`t work if you start to get competitive. No, the service rules are the same for singles and doubles. You can see that players use different types of services in each discipline, but they all follow the same rules. However, the limits of the courts are different. See below for service court limits for singles and doubles (only limits for even scores are displayed, odd scores are similar, but on the other side of the court). The server in a badminton match is determined by a coin throw, and the player/side that scores a point becomes the server for the next point. You will receive a single serving (1) in badminton.

You lose the point if you don`t pass the serve, whether it`s a mistake not hitting the steering wheel or hitting the steering wheel over the net. This is different from tennis, where players get a second serve if they don`t perform their first serve properly. If you want to know more about the differences between badminton and tennis, we`ve written an article that covers some of the main differences in detail to help you decide which sport you want to practice (or maybe both!). Try it – Badminton vs Tennis: What`s the difference? More information can be found here: badmintonbites.com/whats-the-difference-between-singles-and-doubles-in-badminton/ A badminton service may not be as crucial as, for example, a lawn tennis service – where the speed and accuracy of the ball are crucial to earning points – but it`s still an important part of a commuter`s gameplay. No, you can no longer serve if you miss badminton on your serve. The official rules of the BWF state: “When trying to serve, the waiter must not miss the shuttle.” It also means that if you miss badminton once, you can`t try to hit badminton again, even if badminton hasn`t reached the bottom yet. These are the only types of badminton played in serious tournaments. In casual gambling, however, women sometimes play against men (for example, two women vs.

two men). The basic service rules remain the same, i.e. The player who serves first must do it on the right side of the service seat and do it each time after collecting an even number of points during a game, while a service must come from the left service place after gaining an odd number of points. Unlike tennis, where a player has two chances to perform a serve, a badminton player can only serve once and loses a point if he makes a mistake.