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Zoom Chief Legal Officer

Bawa was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in June in addition to her role as Chief Legal Officer. She played a key role in overseeing legal and business affairs as Zoom saw a wave of new users staying home during the pandemic. This unprecedented growth was supported by Zoom`s legal department, led by current General Counsel Jeff True and […]

York University Programs Requirements

Some graduate programs require an applicant to demonstrate proficiency in the French language to the satisfaction of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the supporting graduate program in order to be admitted to the program. In our Bachelor of Simultaneous Education program, you will work towards your degree of study while pursuing almost all other York bachelor`s degrees. You […]

Wyoming Land Surveyor License Requirements

This license summary is provided by the Wyoming State Board of Engineering Examiners. You may need to contact them directly if you have any questions about your specific situation. If it is determined that your educational credentials do not meet NCEES standards, the IRC will provide you with a list of requirements to meet equivalency. Applicants are encouraged to […]

World Relief Immigration Legal Services

For Westside Community Center, which is just beginning its journey as an ILS location, connecting with the legal support network is a great way to provide effective and affordable legal services for immigration in their community. Ashley DiGiore, who is working to get her accreditation at the Department of Justice, said World Relief Western Washington`s immigration legal services team […]

Word for a Formal Agreement between States

Convention is a colloquial word for a large gathering of people that usually lasts several days to talk about their common work or interests – for example, a teachers` or publishers` conference – or for a common purpose. In politics, a traditional convention is a meeting of delegates from a political party to formulate a platform and select candidates […]

With Legal Duty

The courts have developed specific rules for the legal obligations that people owe each other in certain situations. Where such an obligation exists, it will normally depend on the nature of the relationship between the parties or the particular circumstances of the case. A legal obligation is a legal obligation. Failure to comply with such an obligation may result […]

Will Witness Requirements Bc

In Vout, the court held that while the party seeking to revoke the will may refer to certain evidence, if he had to prove suspicious circumstances, the burden of proof shifts to the propounder of the will in order to prove, after weighing the probabilities, that the author of the will knew and approved the contents of the will […]

Why Should Prostitution Be Legal in the United States

Why people are uncomfortable listening to sex workers talk about legalizing prostitution has nothing to do with concerns about women`s health and safety. If that were the real concern, prostitution would now be legal in the United States. The reason people don`t agree with legalizing prostitution is because prostitution is considered amoral because it involves (mostly) women selling their […]

Why Is It Called the Pizza Hut Law

Pizza Hut is an American multinational restaurant chain and international franchise founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, by Dan and Frank Carney. They serve their signature sautéed pizza and other dishes such as pasta, breadsticks, and desserts in restaurants, takeout, and the supply chain. They also serve chicken wings on their WingStreet menu. Regional differences can be observed in […]

Why Cgi Company

In the 1970s, CGI expanded and continued to focus on the information technology (IT) services market[2] and quickly began offering systems integration in addition to consulting. [10] In the late 1970s, however, the systems integration market began to shift to outsourcing, with CGI also responding by diversifying into IT outsourcing. [2] The company has also been awarded a number […]