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172(1) and (2) of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (Nsw)

The Uniform Law regulates the legal profession in both jurisdictions and regulates matters such as the exercise of certificate types and conditions, the management and audit of fiduciary accounts, professional development requirements, the handling of complaints, settlement agreements and professional discipline matters. The Legal Profession Uniform Law Act (LPUL) came into force in New South Wales on 1 July 2015. [1] Uniform Law creates a common market for legal services in New South Wales and Victoria, encompassing almost three-quarters of Australian lawyers. The system aims to harmonize regulatory obligations while maintaining local execution of regulatory functions. We are certainly not abandoning this important project and we expect to be able to return to work later this year. In the meantime, the Gazette website project team will focus on other important project work. In August 2020, we launched the Gazette portal and registration form as Phase 1 of our Gazette streamlining process. We plan to launch the final phase of the project at the end of 2022, a stand-alone website of the New South Wales Government Gazette that stores all Gazette data currently on the New South Wales Legislative Website. The single Act creates two bodies: the Conseil des services juridiques and the Commissaire à la réglementation uniforme des services juridiques, who also acts as the executive director of the Conseil des services juridiques. Together, these bodies define the policy framework of the new system and refine its functioning by issuing guidelines and guidelines for reasons of consistency; regulations; and advising Attorneys General on possible changes. [2] As we approach our launch date, we will be contacting our existing Gazette customers directly. The New South Wales Official Gazette website will continue to be managed by the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, and there will be quick links between the Legislative website and the Official Journal website.

We would like to thank the stakeholders who gave us encouraging and positive feedback on the project, especially those who so enthusiastically agreed to be our external testers – we hope you will continue to be available to help you when we return to work. The Gazette`s new website gives users control over when notices are submitted and published – a notice can be published on any day and at any time immediately after it is submitted and confirmed. If you are already a Gazette customer, log in with your existing credentials. We now have a webpage dedicated to COVID-19 legislation in New South Wales. You will find links to: Note that due to ongoing technical development issues and the pressure of other project work on the staff in our small office, we have reluctantly decided to suspend our Draft Standalone Gazette website for the time being. The New South Wales Legislative Website is the main source of New South Wales legislation. It is managed by the Bureau of the Parliamentary Council. This article, which refers to Australian law, is a heel. You can help Wikipedia by extending it. Information about the COVID-19 pandemic can usually be found on the links below.